Sustainable development

The challenge taken up by Kirhe involves proving that the comfort and well being that are so sought after by people can be achieved in harmony with the environment and while conserving natural resources. In order to find a balance between internal and external contributions, we aim to combine and promote the different energy sources, and favour renewable materials in all of our technical concepts. Our focus is on preserving, recovering, distributing, capturing and storing energy, rather than producing it.

Our services

Kirhe plays an active role in all of the phases of projects: preliminary studies, elaboration of the concept, invitations to tender, execution, implementation and monitoring of the systems.

Preliminary studies

We can offer various technical solutions depending on your needs and the means available, and carry out a precise financial evaluation of your investment.


Kirhe's engineers deliberately include the principles of sustainable development in energy concepts. All of our projects are founded on ecology, economy, efficient use and harmony with architectural aspects.

Tendering projects

At Kirhe we draw up detailed functional specifications for the companies that will be involved in our demanding projects. Thanks to our vast experience, we are capable of assessing complex offers in terms of their financial value and quality.


We guarantee meticulous follow-up to the work – the only way to ensure that the energy concept is applied correctly – in accordance with the pre-established construction times and costs. In order to deliver successfully completed projects and give complete user satisfaction, Kirhe in collaboration with Neem Geothermal Pvt. Ltd. implement and monitor the operations of a project. Neem Geothermal is the implementation partners with us in India and we work in close coordination with them to shape a theoretical idea into reality.

Advantages for you:

  • Innovative concepts
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Guaranteed comfort
  • Excellent energy performance
  • Renewable resources