All-encompassing approach

When Kirhe teams up with SB Technique and Neem Geothermal Pvt. Ltd. for a joint project, a new organization based on the same approach to energy emerges. Created by the union of three complementary entities and enriched by their respective experiences, our partnership can boast an exceptional global vision and can be your sole point of reference for the entire life cycle of your building. Our purpose is to join together to build our shared future.

SB technique

More than 25 years of experience, a huge past project protfolio and still the same levels of enthusiasm. In matters related to heating, ventilation, air conditioning and security, SB technique plays an active role in all of the phases of projects: preliminary studies, elaboration of the concept, invitations to tender, following up the executive and implementation. Pioneers in their field, our engineers design ecological systems with excellent performance, combining different sources of renewable energy. Thanks to E+ Research & Development, we always present you with cutting-edge technology that we have the advantage of obeserving in use through our partnership with EnerBat.


Our ambition is to guarantee optimum use of your property in line with its energy concept. Whether you want to improve its performance, reduce energy consumption or ensure unparalleled comfort for the occupants, EnerBat is the perfect partner. Our Services include energy audits and analyses, consultancy, remote supervision and maintenance management. If you entrust us with the overall management of your facilities, their effective, long-term operation will be assured and you will finally be free to concentrate on your main activities

Neem Geothermal Pvt. Ltd.

Neem Geothermal Pvt. Ltd. has a mandate to design energy concepts for heating, cooling and ventilation for buildings, implemented through an easy to operate system – using various sources of renewable energy. Neem believes in delivering comfort and well-being in harmony with the environment by reducing the electricity demand - supply gap by capturing, storing, distributing & recovering energy, instead of producing it.